About Us

A Big Welcome by Mastro Moda.
Fashion brand founded in 1980 in Positano.

About Us

Mastro Moda’s team is the true expression of Positano. It couldn’t have been different; we are a family animated by the great love towards the timeless Positano fashion.
Brothers who have dedicated themselves, for quite a while now, to make so that the Positano fashion craft shines always brighter in the fashion firmament. A love, therefore, infinite, a professionality and a passion that burns.
This, in an extreme synthesis, is who we are.

Come nasce un abito Moda Positano

When talking about fashion, the history of the birth of the Positano fashion is absolutely an integrated part. And it is, therefore, in this glorious furrow that we, Mastro Moda, decided to perpetuate the great values of the Positano fashion craft.
Our collections embody the infinite personality of the Positano fashion, animated by a strong feeling the focuses on the quality of the garments and on the dedication and research for the dresses we will propose to our clientele.
For us, cultivators of the history of the birth of the Positano fashion, aspiring to become ambassadors was a mission and it is, today, the crowning of a dream. Our garments are the result of a careful, dedicated and sophisticated artisanal work, of a symbiosis between an elegant, innovative and young style.
Our every single proposal, therefore, tends to represent the sense and the intrinsic value of the Positano fashion craft. Something able to surpass the temporal barriers, something able to unite both the noble tradition of Positano and the specific demands of the modernity.
For us, therefore, the highest wish is exactly knowing how to offer the Positano fashion style as the pure quality that it is able to transmit.
We are four brothers, the four musketeers of the Positano fashion craft, who, aware of the great value of the history of the birth of the Positano fashion, commit each day to maintain alive the passion and the ardor, creating unique garments.
In fact, Mastro Moda became a brand with a recognized status of attachment to the traditions as well as the vivid enthusiasm derived from the stylistic and fabric novelties. A splendor enriched by designs, combinations, a fire that sees us united and willing to propose an exclusive garment at any time.
An original and fresh fashion, in which the creativity and the quality stand at their highest levels, always. As a company, we were born during the 80s, after forming ourselves in the ancient laboratories in Positano.
Grabbing, then, as a compass the same history of the birth of the Positano fashion, we decided to create a fashion that knows how to express the Mediterranean philosophy, its colors, and its incredible beauties, remaining always open to all those that can be the new tendencies of the capricious fashion.

Adagiate su balconi di roccia
dimore e terrazze osservano il mare
elogiano rossa luna che si culla
all’angolo della baia.
Presepe nel presepe,
morbidi vicoli intessuti
e imbanditi,
testimoni del tempo,
richiamano anime e cuori.

“Lina Orlandi”

The originality, the uniqueness and the quality of the products 100% made in Positano are a guarantee. Therefore, quality materials and sophisticated
designs. Not for nothing the Positano fashion is universally known and appreciated for its class and for its unmistakable

The wearability of the garments Positano fashion created by the Mastro brothers is of an incredible practicality. In fact, among the multiple collections of the famous brand Mastro Moda are also available many Positano fashion large sizes.

“Positano bites deep.

It is a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are
there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone.”

U.S.A. Writer

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