Our personal Positano Fashion Style

The class and the unmistakable style of the Positano fashion


The originality, the uniqueness and the quality of the products 100% made in Positano are a guarantee. Therefore, quality materials and sophisticated
designs. Not for nothing the Positano fashion is universally known and appreciated for its class and for its unmistakable

With us, you will be able to find the best of the wholesale Positano fashion, exclusively garments created by the great handmade in Italy Positano fashion. In fact, with great pride, we present the greatest garments, those that always characterized the Positano wear.

The passion and the creativity are part of our DNA, just as the will of proposing exclusively exceptional wear garments that know how to honor the ancient established Positano fashion.

Thanks to our great passion, we present collections that know how to be the expression of the traditional cultural crafts and, at the same time, of great class and fashion. We, in fact, want to bring to the highest levels the handmade in Italy Positano fashion.

In fact, our proposals for the wholesale Positano fashion, find their origins and inspiration in a style and class that are unique, something always appreciated all over the world.


While remaining faithful to the highly artistic and creative values that derive from the expression of Positano’s art, the evolutions and tendencies brought strong winds of change.

The global economy is something that every entrepreneur should know how to face. Our wholesale Positano fashion is the expression of this exigence, but also the daughter of ancient and noble traditions. This is why our handmade in Italy Positano fashion is able to answer the dynamics and the polyhedral exigencies.

Through our wholesale Positano fashion, in fact, was concretized the union between the class and the style, peculiar characteristics of the Positano fashion, as it imposes the concept of global economy.

Thanks to our experience and deep knowledge, therefore, we are in grade to propose collections with a vivid and energetic character, answering in all and for all to the same spirit of the traditional Positano fashion.

Browsing the website, therefore, will be visible exclusively unique garments, standing out the dresses made of natural textile fibers. A fantastic triumph of the linen and silk, an exaltation of the embroidered tulle and an explosion of macramé laces.

Our handmade in Italy Positano fashion is, therefore, an exclusive offer of garments that stand out for their quality, but also for the precious and refined details. The collections, therefore, are destined for an audience that loves the Positano fashion and who knows how to appreciate its other esthetic values of an outstanding class and style.

Not for nothing, here on our website, can be admired unique creations, the fruit of an ancient and established tradition that is able to propose exclusive polychromies. Artworks, therefore, the fruit of skillful works of cutting and sewing.



Even if much of the fame is linked to the fashion that bears its name, Positano also boasts a cultural and natural patrimony of an incomparable value.
In fact, besides admiring the Positano fashion, this charming place is a treasure to discover; a place where suggestive stories, legends, and myths unite themselves to the epic beaches and to the incredible blue of the sea, everything accompanied by the added value given by the Positano fashion.
Something, therefore, that knows how to give sensational emotions every time.

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