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The jewel of the Amalfi Coast famous for the Fashion

When thinking about Positano, it’s impossible not to compare it to a precious towering jewel located along the Amalfi Coast.

But, besides being known as a seductive and extremely beautiful place, this delicious and pleasant settlement is also known as the cradle of the Positano fashion.

What is enclosed in the Positano fashion?

The myth and the glory of the celebrated Positano fashion have their roots deep in the territory. Even if today’s universally known expression Positano fashion has its origins at the end of the 50s, the city has been known since the ‘800 for its startlingly accurate weaving cloth.

Here, in this magical place, the jute cloth was considered the pillar of the local economy, in addition to being an outstanding artistic expression.

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The development of the Positano fashion

Once passed the fashion of the weaving cloth, the artistic expression in Positano found a new outlet. In fact, it was exactly at the end of the 50s when the textile activity of the Positano fashion took possession of the bikini. But this garments was nothing but the trampoline to proposing the pieces that were to become famous all over the world as beach wear and evening wear.

Frequented by artists and royalty, Positano also became one of the highest artistic expressions of the fashion, offering elegant and original clothing, both for the fabrics used and for the motifs.

Positano fashion today

In the evolution of the tendencies, the Positano fashion always had in its DNA that extra touch that enabled it to keep whole and unaltered its artistic and creative value.

Without a doubt, Positano fashion evolved thanks to the dynamic succession of events that left their print with the passage of the time. Nevertheless, its exquisite way of expressing the fashion concept was preserved unaltered.

That’s why here, on our website, can be admired unique creations, fruits of an ancient and solid tradition that are able to propose exclusive polychromies. Artworks, therefore, results of wise processing of cutting and sewing.

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Positano and the fashion

Even if much of the fame is linked to the fashion that bears its name, Positano also has a cultural and natural legacy of priceless value. In fact, besides admiring Positano’s fashion, this charming place is a treasure to discover; a place where suggestive stories, legends, and myths unite themselves to the epic beaches and to the incredible blue of the sea, everything accompanied by the added value given by the Positano fashion. Something, therefore, that knows how to give sensational emotions.

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    Mastro Moda’s team is the true expression of Positano. It couldn’t have been different; we are a family animated by the great love towards the timeless Positano fashion.

    Brothers who have dedicated themselves, for quite a while now, to make so that the Positano fashion craft shines always brighter in the fashion firmament.



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