Positano beach fashion

Positano beach fashion, refinement and originality

Positanian uniqueness

Mastro Moda brand encloses the maximum values of the Positano fashion. In fact, the polyhedral and dynamic Mastro brothers became a true reference point of the Positano beach fashion’s expression.

Their collections are made of unique garments, standing out for their original solutions, colors and floral stamps that can’t be defined as beautiful simply because it wouldn’t be enough. The values of the Positano fashion, a must of the endless fashion, know how to highlight fabrics, tulle, laces and silks, a festival of chiffon, crochet, and lace.

Each garment made by Mastro brothers, therefore, also represents the maximum expression regarding the famous and exclusivist Positano beach fashion. The Positano fashion is also appreciated by sophisticated ladies, as well as by young women. Nevertheless, as the original expression of this fashion, it knows how to fight with the generational differences, given that everybody is fascinated by the style and values that this form of art can transmit and instill.

Clogs, flip-flops or sandals, bags made of fabric or straw, super colorful hats made of cotton or straw, as well as sarong pants and skirts, these are the true essence of Positano fashion.

Incredibly, the Positano beach fashion, unlike so many other tendencies that live only for a few seasons, is a cult of a timeless flavor, an almost immortal style to which it is impossible to resist. The sweet summer evenings in Positano, its turquoise sea, just as its scents, can be tasted and revived exactly thanks to the creations of the Mastro Moda brand collections.

A lifestyle, a way to fully enjoy the poignant sunsets and the incredible and picturesque environments that characterize this pearl of the Amalfi Coast. Something that will live forever precisely because of the glorious and infinite values of the Positano fashion.

The Mastro brothers, expressing in the Positano beach fashion their great creativity, connected themselves with the tradition, with a strong feeling that goes back to the end of the ‘500, period when Positano became one of the most famous and flourishing centers for the processing of the silk, raw hemp, and fabrics.

From a place perched above the sea, therefore, Positano transformed into a place where the first tailor shops started to be forged, tailor shops that knew, successively, how to give light to the thing that today is known in every corner of the world as Positano beach fashion, where Mastro brothers are more than mere paladins.

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    Mastro Moda’s team is the true expression of Positano. It couldn’t have been different; we are a family animated by the great love towards the timeless Positano fashion.

    Brothers who have dedicated themselves, for quite a while now, to make so that the Positano fashion craft shines always brighter in the fashion firmament.



    Mastro Moda Positano,
    Via Monsignor Saverio 5,
    84017 Positano (SA),

    Call: +39 089 81 12 39
    Email: info@mastromoda.it


    Monday – Friday: from 09:00 am to 07:00 pm
    Saturday: from 9:00 am to 02:00 pm
    Sunday: Closed (open by appointment)